Max and Yulia

Professional teachers and dancers

We started taking lessons in “Moonlight dance studio”  and couldn’t even imagine that now it became a part of our life. The instructors are high level professionals very dedicated to students. They make simple what you only dreamed about. Small group gives you a feeling of private lessons. We’re enjoying every minute dancing with Yulia and Max.

Vlad I.

When I started ballroom dancing, I tried many of the commercial ‘big name’ dance schools. I never really felt comfortable in these large dance school environments. I was very fortunate to find Yulia and Max.
You could say that I had 2 left feet when I began, but that was quickly put to rest when the very patient pair of Yulia and Max came into the picture.
The technical ability and experience you gain when working with Julia and Max are unparalleled. I have never encountered teachers with such patience and such great poise. It’s one thing to go through the motions of the steps, but Julia and Max explain the detail and movement of the steps with their fun and innovative style. Even when I mess up, they never embarrass you or make you feel bad.
I have come a long way from having those 2 left feet on the dance floor. Yulia and Max have boosted my confidence, so much so that I have now been in regional and national competitions and have received many awards, all to their credit!
I encourage you to take the time to have a lesson with Yulia or Max either individually or together. Not only was I fortunate to find these 2 wonderful teachers, but I found 2 amazing friends.
Your friends will be amazed once they see what you can do, and soon, you to will be “dancing like the star’s.”
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Kevin R.

When my husband and I were looking for a dance instructor to help us with our wedding dance, we met Max & Yulia, the owners of Moonlight dance studio. Immediately, we were impressed by their dedication, professionalism, patience, versatility and creative abilities. The wedding dance they staged for us was far beyond what we thought we were capable of performing; it was visually appealing, with beautiful line of dance, and allowed us to showcase the best of our limited abilities. Our success with the wedding dance inspired us to continue to train with Max & Yulia. Not only do they have extensive experience with various styles of ballroom dance, both teaching and competing themselves, they also have an amazing demeanor, very supportive, approachable, and friendly, and they are well liked by children and adult students alike. We highly recommend Max & Yulia whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer and we are certain that you will have an extremely rewarding learning experience, just like we have.

Katya L.

Yulia Sorokina and Maxim Brazhko have been our dance teachers for years. We had never danced in partnership before, but they have made us love it! They are expert teachers bringing out the best in us.Their attention to detail is unsurpassed, but they keep lessons fresh and fun. They both have been very flexible, always willing to adapt a lesson to what we can handle. In learning choreography for a recent play reading, Karen was able to repeat her steps after being shown the steps only once something that would have been a real challenge for her in the past. Max and Yulia have brought their love of the dance to our lives. This work has changed everything we do for the better including raising our daughter!

Karen, John & Alice M.

Some people are born to dance, some are born to teach. Max and Yulia were born to do both.For me as a dancer and student, I look for a teacher with patience, a sense of humor and dedication to the dance. Max is that teacher. It is not an easy thing to find a good teacher who combines precise technique, creative choreography, and excellent musicality. I have enjoyed every moment I have spent during my lessons with Max and special coaching sessions with Julia.Your first lesson with Max or Julia will immerse you in the joy of dancing and music. I am sure you will leave after that lesson eagerly anticipating your next.

Christine D.

It is my distinct pleasure to commend and recognize Moonlight Dance Studio for their leadership and contributions to the ballroom dance industry. Under their leadership their contributions to the industry have been many.
Despite the economic challenges facing ballroom dancing, Moonlight Dance Studio continues to be known for its outstanding performance and service.
Max has been my instructor for years and he and Yulia’s achievements in teaching and coaching cannot be easily imitated. They have established a goal to teach students to be excellent/good dancers. They spend valuable time teaching and strive in each student to be excellent in their respective dance.True ballroom dancing is not just fancy footwork and expensive costumes, it is a technique which encompasses time, energy and practice. It includes, body strength, exercises, and posture.
It takes time and a trust that the instructor is experienced in the field. When I first met Max and Yulia I was skeptical and at times critical. I knew little about their background and less about their ability. Frankly, I had little faith having had a negative dance experience before. They challenged my thinking on that and through their diligence, hard work and consummate skill, they have demonstrated a new way of approaching ballroom dancing that I had not considered.
What’s more is that they have made it work with less demand on resources than I would have ever imagined possible. Moonlight Dance Studio has renewed my faith in the industry, and they have my deepest gratitude for a job exceptionally well done. They have a wellspring of talent and if you are truly interested in the art of ballroom dancing, I encourage you to contact them immediately.
As a student, I recognize the continued challenges facing the industry and have no doubt that Moonlight Dance Studio will continue to excel in providing students with excellence in their products and services.

Barbara-Marie R